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Old Al's Cedar Strip Canoes

Professionally built Cedar Strip Canoes with extreme care to each and every detail. Guide and Time Tested. Beow are some examples showing our Cedar Canoes. 


Custom Made Cedar Strip Canoe- click on image to enlarge  

Custom Made Hardwood Paddles to Match - click on image to enlarge

Cedar Canoe Showing Diamond Inlays with Mahogany & Aspen Accent Strip (Diamonds also made of Mahogany & Aspen) - click on image to enlarge  

Cedar Canoe Bottom Detail (Diamond made of Dark Cedar) - click on image to enlarge

Cedar Canoe Stem Design with Top Carrier Tie Downs - click on image to enlarge  

Cedar Canoe Hardwood Deck Made from Mahogany & Ash - click on image to enlarge

Another Version Showing Diamond Inlays with Dark Mahongany Accent Strip & Hardwood Canoe Paddles to Match- click on image to enlarge  

Custom Made Hardwood Paddles - click on image to enlarge

Pricing: 17 ft - $4000.00

Included in price are 2 seats, one yoke, and thwarts. (Ash is standard material.)

Seats are ash frame with cane and varnished.

Yoke is ash varnished.

Thwart is ash varnished.

If cherry is chosen for seats, yoke, and thwarts, add $150 to price.

Gunwales are ash and hand-rubbed in oil.

Decks are a mahogany, ash, black walnut etc. mixture to highlight wood colors; also hand-rubbed in oil.

Hull accent strip is mahogany, aspen, or black walnut mixture to highlight wood colors.

Custom hand crafted paddles can be purchases separately, at $89 per paddle or two for $150.

Canoe Specifications

Length- 17ft hull
Waterline- 3-4in.
Width at sheerline amidships 32 in.
Width at beam amidships 34 in., with tumblehome aproximately 1 in.
Height amidships 12 ½ in.
Height at stem 20 in.
Rocker is 5/8 in. (Rocker can be variable up to 1 in.)
I prefer rocker at 5/8 in. for overall maneuverability.
My canoes and paddles have been time and guide tested for maneuverability, strength and durability.

Different Techniques of Accentsand Colors - click on image to enlarge   Finished Canoe - click on image to enlarge

All specifications are for pictures shown.
One other model available in 17ft.
Sometimes have one available for purchase or can build to your specifications.

How my Cedar Strip Canoes are Built

Cedar boards are carefully chosen for color, light, dark, or a blend (your choice); then dried to the proper moisture content. Boards are then ripped to ¼ in. thick by ¾ in. wide. There are no butt joints, or knots in my canoes. All clear cedar is used.

All boards are scarf joined to create a nice even flow of wood color. Then one at a time, all wood strips are carefully bent and beveled over a form. Glued and stapled to create the hull. Staples are pulled out, the hull is then sanded to a flawless surface. At this point outside of the hull is sized with epoxy, glassed with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and 3 coats clear transparent epoxy, carefully sanded, then varnished with 3 coats of top quality U.V. marine varnish.

Inside of canoe is done pretty much the same as the outside. Except inside I use a matte non-skid surface.
Finished Cedar Canoe - click on image to enlarge   Finished Cedar Canoe  -click on image to enlarge

Outside stems are glassed with 5 layers of glass and epoxy to add strength, for bang-ability. The end result is a beautiful totally transparent hull, totally impervious to water, and yet exposing the warm tones of cedar wood. Gunwales and inwales have ? in. half-round edges. Gunwales and decks are all hand-made, with scuppers separating inwale from shear line for draining. Gunwales are installed and hand rubbed with oil to achieve the warm colors of wood, or can be varnished, your choice.

Custom Paddles

Also available - Custom hardwood paddles which are built individually, one at a time to match your canoe. The shaft is made by laying up 3 piece lengths, inner core is cedar or mahogany; outer course is ash or pine sandwiched together using special waterproof glue. Hand-Grip is built up the same way. Paddle end is laid up cedar, mahogany, or ash with ash wrap around for push off protection. They are fiberglass for strength and varnished with high quality U.V. Marine Varnish. Custom made for your height. Your name or logo included if requested. Lightweight, very strong and lots of flex for the weary day tripper.

Custom paddles can be purchased seperately anytime, $89 per paddle or two for $150. Allow 2-3 weeks to make if out of stock.

17 Foot Canoe 55 Pounds - click on image to enlarge   Custom Design Bottom - click on image to enlarge
Click Here to Order Your Own Custom Built Cedar Strip Canoe

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